We got up early ready to catch the Ferry to Gili Meno, our next and most eagerly anticipated destination. This wasn’t our day as we were up early, it was pouring with rain, and the driver forgot to pick us up from the hotel.

We walked to the harbor, which was luckily only a 10-minute walk away and checked in for our ferry. There are many different ferry companies operating between the islands, and we chose one called Eka Jaya Fast Boat as it had fairly good reviews. We bought the tickets online in advance, which we were told is cheaper. It has to be said that this was probably our most chaotic experience in Bali, as there were hundreds of tourists waiting on the pier, and all waiting for a different boat. Eventually, after a long and frustrating wait we got on the ferry which luckily was a big 200-seater and headed to Gili Meno – the ferry journey was fortunately unspectacular. 

We arrived in Gili Meno and couldn’t believe our eyes – it was spectacular, white, beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. No cars, no noise and not that many people. As the island is extremely small, we walked the few hundred meters to our hotel and checked it. It was already early afternoon by this point. 

On our second day on Gili Meno, we got up and enjoyed the hotel breakfast with a view out to sea and then we decided to rent a standup paddle board and snorkeling gear, so that we could head out to sea and look at the beautiful fish, and if we were lucky, see some turtles. The snorkeling was a fantastic experience and we saw so many beautiful fish, but unfortunately no turtles. 

Towards the end of the day, we chilled in the pool in the gorgeous sun and got some dinner whilst watching the sunset. 

We rested on the beach for most of the day and worked on our tans, before heading for a walk around to the other side of the island, to see the sun go down. It is beautiful to watch from Gili Meno as you can see the sun going down behind the Agung volcano on the main land – the very volcano that was supposed to erupt. We finished our day with a walk back to our hotel - you can walk around the whole island in around 1 hour. 

Gili Meno is a very relaxed and chilled place, and that is exactly what we did there. 


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