We arrived in Denpasar in the afternoon following a connecting flight over Dubai. It was a long overnight flight and after 20 hours of travelling we were both really tired, so we got a taxi to the hotel in Kuta and decided just to head to Kuta Beach, which was 20 mins walk from our hotel to watch the sunset - which was a great start to a great adventure!

Kuta is one of the main tourist hubs in Bali and attracts a lot of party-goers, which is not really our thing, but as it was our first time in Bali, we didn’t want to miss out so decided to spend the first 2 days here. 

We walked along 2 of the most well-known streets in Kuta, Poppies I and Poppies II. The streets have their nice touches; however, it has to be said that there are also a lot of bars and shops for tourists and the atmosphere is very touristy. That said, it has its charm and is worth a visit, especially if you haven’t been before. 


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