We carried on across the bridge as the next part of our tour was located on the other side, and our first stop was the John Lennon Wall, which since the communist days has been covered in graffiti conveying politically focused messages. The wall really is amazing and if you’re in the city then make sure it’s on your list. The whole area is magical and the atmosphere here is vastly different to other parts of the city. There are often buskers playing music which makes the whole scene even more special. 

From the Lennon Wall we had quite a long walk ahead of us, but that didn’t matter because the sights along the way were worth seeing. The next destination was Prague Castle and the many sights surrounding it. As you approach the Castle you do have to walk up quite a steep hill – so be prepared! As you reach the top and turn around, you realise that you’ve had a wonderful view of the city behind you the whole time! The Castle has its own vineyard and the grapes vines grow from the top to the bottom of the hill running down to the city, which also looks lovely. We took in the view and then made our way into the Castle through the gate. Most of the attractions inside the castle walls are not free, but you call buy various passes which include either all or some of them. We took the pass which covered most entrance fees and it cost around 15€ per person. 

The first area inside the castle walls that we visited was the Golden Lane. We weren’t exactly sure what was awaiting us on the other side of the entrance, however we weren’t disappointed. The Golden Lane is a medieval street with small houses and merchants which has been restored to its former glory. The street runs around 100 meters and you can go inside many of the shops and get an insight into how life was in medieval Prague. The houses themselves are very pretty and somehow cute, painted in various colours. 

From Golden Lane, we made our way to the next stop, St George’s Basilica, a church built in 920 which has very beautiful stained glass windows. We then made our way to St. Vitus Cathedral, which is around 4 times larger than the Basilica, and is spectacular from both inside and outside. Next up we visited Loreta, which is also a location of religious importance and is more quaint and charming than the Basilica and Cathedral. We could have spent a lot more time in this area, and we would have loved to do so, but as time was starting to run out, we had to stick to the schedule as there was still a few more sights we wanted to see. 

The next part of the journey was downhill, which we were both very happy about! The walk to the next destination, The National Theatre took around 30 minutes and brought us through very beautiful streets and areas of the city not usually seen by tourists. We really enjoyed the walk as there was a lot to see. As we approached the river we crossed the Legii Bridge, which before reaching the other side, crosses over a small island which is used as a green park area where people sit and relax with friends or family. As you walk over the second part of the bridge, you can see The National Theatre in front of you as it’s located directly at the other side. It’s a very old building and the view doesn’t disappoint! 

We made our way south along the river to see one of the more modern architectural wonders, The Dancing House which is a curving office block designed by Frank Gehry. It’s not that wonderful, but if you have time then pass by. 

We made our way from here to our final destination for the day: Wenceslas Square. As we were quite tired by this point, we decided to take the tram, which was included in our Metro Ticket. Wenceslas Square dates from the 14th century and houses The National Museum, shops and restaurants. Old meets new in this area and it has more of a cosmopolitan feel to it, in contrast to the rest of the city, which was very traditional. 

After 17km of walking we had made it to the end station and by now it was 5pm and we were ready to drive back. We hope we could give you some inspiration and ideas if you’re also heading to Prague for either a day, or a weekend. There is surely a lot more to see and enjoy, and we’d love to go back some day. Saying that, we were very happy with the plan we put together and if you want to get a copy, feel free to contact us. 


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