It’s easy to think that a city such as Frankfurt, with its skyline and function as the financial centre of Europe doesn’t have many green spaces - but that isn’t the case. Frankfurt has over 50 green areas in the city, from the very centre, out to the city border. In this series of 4 posts, I am going to show and tell you about 4 different gardens in Frankfurt that I have discovered in the last few weeks – so, if you would like to find out about them all, then make sure you stay tuned for more!

Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden, located in Bethmann Park, is positioned in central Frankfurt and provides a sanctuary to find strength and new thought. The garden was built in the image of Shiukou Gardens in Huizhou and spans 4,000 m2. As you enter the garden you cross a bridge which leads to the main pavilion; at this point you already feel a sense of mystery and adventure. The path leads through to the back of the pavilion where it breaks off in different directions. Bethmann Park itself is also a beautiful area with an amazingly colourful rose garden which is sure to brighten up your day. 

Check out the blogposts about no. 1 of the Korean Garden here and no. 2 here. And here you can find the links for the Bolongarogarten no. 1 here and no. 2 here and the Nizza Garden here

Even if you don’t live in Frankfurt, I hope I could inspire you to discover your own city. You may just be surprised to find out what’s right on your doorstep! Stay tuned to find out about all 4 parks I have discovered that you need to visit!


  1. das sind tolle Bilder! In den Garten wollte ich auch schon immer mal, dass muss ich unbedingt in Angriff nehmen! Mir gefällt dein Look auch sehr gut Gelb mag ich total gerne :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /


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