It’s easy to think that a city such as Frankfurt, with its skyline and function as the financial centre of Europe doesn’t have many green spaces - but that isn’t the case. Frankfurt has over 50 green areas in the city, from the very centre, out to the city border. In this series of 4 posts, I am going to show and tell you about 4 different gardens in Frankfurt that I have discovered in the last few weeks – so, if you would like to find out about them all, then make sure you stay tuned for more!

Located in Höchst and only a few meters from the River Main, the Bolongarogarten originates from the Baroque period and is situated behind the Bolongaropalast. Its construction was initiated in 1775 and today it is the only remaining Baroque design garden in the region. The gardens and surrounding buildings are elegant and steeped in history, and today they serve as a wedding venue with an in-house registry office on the edge of the garden which makes for a lovely location to take some photos. 

Check out no 1 of this garden here


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