It was our final day in NYC and we’d planned to cross the East River and head to Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. As this would be quite a long Journey by foot, we decided to take the Metro from 42nd Street to Clark Street, which is centrally located in Brooklyn Heights.  

We exited the Metro and walked down towards Brooklyn Heights Promenade. As we walked through the area we realised immediately that it has a very different feel than Manhattan. One reason is that the buildings are all low rise and many of them are built in a more classic red brick style. We also noticed that it was very quiet and the pace of life is perhaps a few notches lower than in Manhattan. 

As we approached the Promenade, we had a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge ahead of us. On the way you also pass some restaurants, so if you’re hungry as we were, it’s a good place to stop. Standing on the Promenade, you have a wonderful 180 degree view of Manhattan and the surrounding areas, and it really is a view worth seeing; and gives the city a different personality and perspective. We walked south along the Promenade and then back along to where we’d come from. 

From there, we walked north and headed towards Dumbo. New York City’s town planners were not always so imaginative when naming areas, and Dumbo stands for Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. As you reach the other side of the Manhattan Bridge, one of the first things you see is Jane’s Carousel. The Carousel itself is absolutely beautiful, and the setting and location make it even more special with the Manhattan skyline in the background. The Carousel was built in 1922 and was located in a park in Ohio until 1984. When the park closed and it was moved to Brooklyn to be restored. Today the Carousel is back to its former glory and it’s the perfect place to spend a few minutes of your time, simply admiring it. 

From Jane’s Carousel we walked a little further around the coast towards Pebble Beach, which as the name suggests is a small pebble beach facing Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. We stopped here for a while and sat down on one of the benches to admire the view. And as our week in NYC was coming to the end we reflected on the fantastic time we’d had and the new memories we’d made. 

Someone once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. With this in mind, we hope you have enjoyed reading our book, sharing our experiences and hopefully taking some inspiration for your next adventure. 


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