Last Thursday I took a trip to Milan Fashion Week to discover Malloni’s new Black Fall Winter 2016-17 collection, named Wandering Spirit. The collection was inspired by the oriental world and the Siberian uplands.
The silhouette concept is derived from the influence of the oriental world and the inspiration of the Siberian uplands.

Malloni’s Black fall-winter 2016-17 collection draws its trademark look from the nomad people of Mongolia, utilising multi-material, layered and destructured embroideries enriched with precious inserts. Geometrically minimal structures stand at the heart of this new collection.

Defining the contracts of the essential lifestyle mixed with impressive refined clothes has been used to create a unique product to reach a level of individuality and distinctiveness. This includes dynamic, voluminous and thick, but at the same time light creations. Wide sleeves and lapels, gloves and tops inspired by the Mongolian armors, representing the fusion of wandering and spiritual character to intensify the mood of the collection.

The materials are also inspired by the Mongolian traditional dress such as mohair wool used for overcoats. This brings a feeling of luxury with bright decoration. The padded nylon kimono, embroidered with a circular drawing, is a new interpretation of the padded jacket – one of the most iconic pieces in the collection. The faux fur hair is perhaps the most representative part of the collection, drawing its inspiration for the bitter coldness of Central and East Asia.

Contrast is the iconic message of Malloni’s first line. The combination of binomial wool and viscose is a perfect example bringing together bright and matt. At the heart of the collection is an exclusive design with a lived-in feeling, drawing on painted wool blankets which were typical of the nomads in Central Asia. Grey and rust tones have been used to simulate an ancient hand loomed material.

The final result is beyond all expectations: Warm and enveloping clothes that protect the Malloni woman from climatic changes.

Malloni also has its own fragrance. Again, it is inspired by the oriental world. At the Malloni showroom there was a corner where an expert combined Malloni’s fragrance with some of my favourite scents. The result was a small perfume bottle with my own personalized fragrance which smelt amazing. 

After the showroom experience I went into the centre of Milan and had a few hours to explore the city. Starting off at the Duomo and the square in front of it, Piazza del Duomo, I was utterly breath taken from the outset. The buildings are so incredible and look absolute amazing with extremely detailed features. Heading through the most beautiful shopping mall, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, was my highlight of this short trip. I was constantly looking up to the ceiling at the murals and artwork, combined with beautiful lighting, which together were out of this world.
Milan is a city of beautiful architecture, especially when it comes to house facades. Nearly every house has a cute little balcony and this gives the narrow streets a very cozy and warm touch.
I usually have a plan when exploring a city, but this was an exception. In this case I let the city take me along a journey of discovery. At the end of the day I realized that I had seen every major sightseeing attraction there is to see in Milan, such as the Porta Romana, the Pinacoteca di Brera and the various little castles and chapels. The city definitively has the iconic Italian touch and the people were so helpful and friendly that I could ask anyone for help to find my way.   


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