Wednesday, 3 February 2016

how to look after your clothes

Know your habits
If you are that kind of person who never gives fragile things to the dry cleaner, never irons clothes, is clumsy or tends to spill food and drink over yourself, then you should only buy things appropriate for yourself. Meaning: Buy clothes which you can throw into the washing machine and you don’t need to iron or tend towards darker colors and not all white or nude colors.

Different piece different technique
Some pieces get loose when hung on a hanger and don’t look good anymore after a while, whereas some other pieces get creases if not hung up. So know your clothes and the materials in order to get the storage technique right.

Save your clothes
When you have a cozy and chilly evening on the couch or a cooking session, get changed into something comfier and less expensive. If you spill something over yourself while cooking, you won’t mind washing it more often and it may even loosen because of this.

Store away the little accessories
Often you get an extra pair of buttons or other extra accessories with new clothes. Put them in a box and keep them until you might need them because you never know when you might lose a button.

Wash carefully
When it comes to the topic of washing your clothes in the washing machine, please separate colors and materials. This will make sure your clothes keep longer and gives them the care they need.

Smelly wardrobe
Clothes that don’t get to be worn on a regular basis and need to wait in your wardrobe for their turn don’t need to smell stale and old. Try keeping them fresh by putting some dried flowers in a cotton bag and hanging this up in your wardrobe. Or you can simply buy some extra fresh smelling cotton balls in the drugstore.


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