Sunday, 10 January 2016

things you should definitely do in 2016

Sleep in: For all you workaholics… try to sleep in more, especially Sundays. You deserve it. Afterwards have an xxl breakfast and a spa morning at home.

Eat good food: Enjoy the food you want to eat. Diets are absolutely out. Rather focus on healthy, good and tasty food

Try new things: Was there an instrument you always wanted to play or a new sport you wanted to try out but were too lazy or scared? This has to be the end, go out and try it.

Never grow up: Sometimes you have to let the child inside you out. Try not to see things so narrowly and be more open and spontaneous. See life simpler. What about buying some chocolate on your way home or taking an extra-long route through the park?

Do more good deeds: If you give more you will instantly receive more as well.  What about helping older people carrying their shopping bags or helping them go in and out of the tram if there are steps to manage? What about giving your seat in the tram to someone who could use it more?

Celebrate more: if you are into music and dancing, why not go to a festival or concert. Or even just celebrate little goals at work or if you passed an exam at uni.

Travel more: Maybe 2016 will be the year you will travel to this specific county you have never been to before? Travelling doesn’t always have to cost the world. What about traveling to the neighboring city?

Go bare foot: Who says we need fancy shoes all the time? If you are on a stroll through the grass, feel it, and all the life beneath it, under your feet.

Do more of the two Os: offline and outside. Leave your smartphone at home or just simply switch it off and go outside and enjoy the nature or meet up with friends, do fun stuff.


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