Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year's resolution: be more thankful

2015 is soon to be over and a whole new year lies ahead of us. A lot of people sit down and think of New Year's resolutions and the goals they want to achieve during the year ahead. Often these are things like losing weight, being more successful, getting a pay rise or buying that one thing you’ve always dreamt of.  
Sometimes the daily routine and rushing from appointments and meetings to other responsibilities makes us forget the little things in life and be thankful for them. I realized this the other day when I rushed to get the train, and because of this I missed a beautiful sun set and didn’t take time to stop and actually take the beautiful vibrant colors in.
So what about a different New Year's resolution of being more thankful.
I realized if you are thankful for the small things in life you are instantly happier and more positive. Negative events or bad days don’t bother you as much and your mood stays on a high level.
Here are some tips how to achieve this New Year's resolution:
Make Thankfulness a ritual and every evening before bedtime write down 3 things you are thankful for today. You can do this in your diary or your calendar, even on the phone. Please do this regularly and make this your habit, then you can see results and live life to its fullest.
Of course life is not always a rainbow and candy floss, there are things which go wrong and fail, so try to see the positive in each situation and be thankful for this. Because although it went wrong you still learned something from the situation and know how to make it better next time. Try to laugh about these moments and you will soon realize it is much healthier than being frustrated and angry.


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