My Husband’s Christmas present to me this year was a trip to London during our Christmas trip to the UK to visit family. As we didn’t want to spend too much time away from the family, we decided we had 2 days (actually 1.5 days) to visit what we wanted to see in the city. We were ambitious, as you will read below, however the planning paid off and we had a fun filled, action packed 2 days in this fantastic city. 

Our London adventure is divided into three parts on the blog, so stay tuned. 

First of all, as we had a limited amount of time, we wanted to choose a hotel which was in the right location for what we’d planned, but we also wanted to make sure the hotel was in a prime location itself so that we wouldn’t spend too much time travelling. We choose the StrandPalace Hotel which is a 4 star hotel located on the strand, opposite The Savoy. A double room for 1 night starts at 135 GBP up to 185 GBP which we thought was a good price considering hotel rates in London. 

We arrived at the hotel at 3.30pm and just wanted to drop our things and get straight back out. As the hotel backed on to Covent Garden, this was naturally our first stop. Covent Garden is magical all year round, but at Christmas it’s absolutely breath taking! The inside areas are decorated with giant mistletoe and lighting, and you can really feel the Christmas spirit as the crowds watch the street entertainers and go about their Christmas shopping. Covent Garden is also a very popular place to eat and you will find many restaurants and pubs offering good food at a range of prices. We walked through Covent Garden towards the underground, as we still wanted to visit Camden Town and Camden Market before it got too late. 

Camden is located to the north west of the city centre and was the one place that was not on the route we’d planned for the next day. So it made sense to single it out and we are so glad that we didn’t skip it! From the whole trip, Camden was probably the most magical place we visited and we loved the atmosphere of the market, the street food and the Christmas cheer. The area is a maze of alleyways and indoor markets where you will find everything from clothing to artwork. Camden has a more alternative and individual feel than a lot of London and is known for the market where they sell all kinds of things – everything from clothing to artwork. 

After around 3 hours in Camden, we decided to make our way back to Covent Garden and Lester Aquare to explore a bit more and have dinner. We watched some of the musical performances which take place in the street and then headed to Wagamama, a restaurant serving a modern interpretation on Japanese ramen cuisine. After dinner we headed back to the hotel as we had an early start planned for the next day and wanted to make sure we were fully charged. 


  1. WOW!! Your time in London looks amazing! Your outfit is perfect for sightseeing too! Very chic.

    xx, Elise


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