Starting day three off with Steinrohner. Steinrohner showed their collection 'eternal ice', which was one of my favourites. It combines haute couture and wearability, which for me is one of the key success factors in fashion. Their style oozes a confident but yet playful feeling and the collection is environmentally inspired to create a dialogue. Capturing time through eternity is the motto of this collection and it draws inspiration from scenery of winter, snow and ice. 

The Dimitri show was definitely one of my favourites. It was so feminine and yet powerful, playing with leather and strong materials. 

I fell in love with the special pieces featuring fringe. This is my weakness. 

The collection was inspired by the Disco-Divas from the 70s/80s. It really showed a powerful, self-confident and strong attitude with feminine and body hugging pieces. The colour range was restrained mostly using blacks and golds. 

Ewa Herzog’s Collection no 8 AW 16/17 was the collection that probably fit best to my personal style and look. Her collection was so feminine and very detailed with lace and a lot of embroidery. She uses a lot of silk, velvet, Crêpe de Chine, Crêpe wool and boucle Crêpe wool, some of which she used for the very first time in her collection. The colours were particularly inspired by the connection between heaven and earth using nude browns, silver, black, golds and greenish greys. The very last one was my absolute highlight. It was a long evening dress which symbolised femininity and power, whilst retaining a sense of fragility. 

Since my time was very limited, I was torn between going to the style ranking blogger cafe and the Hash Mag Blogger Lounge. But as I have heard many good things about the Hash Mag event I decided to go there - and I made the right decision! I met so many beautiful people with whom I could really connect. Some of them I had already met during the shows in the tent but this gave me the opportunity to talk to them in a more relaxed environment. The atmosphere of the lounge was created to be comfortable and cozy, to give you that ‘at home’ feeling. A big element was food which I really enjoyed, since you hardly have time to eat between all the shows. You know, if my tummy is happy, I am happy. :)

They had so much fun stuff to try out and experience, for example you could get a tattoo by a professional artist, you were able to get to know a new makeup brand and you could create your own flipbook... And this is only a small insight. 

All in all it was a really good atmosphere and space to end a hectic day perfectly.

Last and fourth day...

I absolutely loved the MAISONNÉE show and the new collection. There was a lot of leather, especially pleated leather, which was an absolute eye catcher. Tight dresses and skirts, as well as layering and silk were used. The designer was playing with different colours of suede and combined them with black to create a different version of colour blocking. Besides black you could see dark blue, red and green in her new collection. 

My highlight was the live act, the band Palast, which brought live music to the show.

Bye bye Berlin... until next time :)

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