Last week was an exciting and stressful week for me. I was in Berlin from Tuesday until Friday for the fashion week. I am so honoured and extremely thankful to be invited by the different designers and agencies. To be given the opportunity to attend various shows, exhibitions and events was so special to me and showed me that my small but growing blog is on the right track in terms of publicity.
In previous years I have read a lot about fashion weeks all over the world, particularly the Berlin fashion week. So I felt quite prepared and I had a good idea of what to expect; although I still wanted to let myself be surprised by it, and I can definitively say that I was. 
So, first things first... I flew to Berlin on Tuesday morning and took the mbfw shuttle directly from the airport to the premium exhibition. The shuttle was pretty awesome because there was a long queue for taxis and I didn't really have much idea about public transport in Berlin. I have to say that Mercedes did a great job in terms of the travel organization, with the shuttles providing transport between shows and locations. 

I had an invitation from Show & Order for their various exhibitions (premium, bright, seek, green showroom and ethnically fashion), which took place in different locations and settings. 
Unfortunately I was only able to attend the premium exhibition, as it was my first day in Berlin and I had a bit more free time. I heard a lot of good things about it so I was pretty excited. Reaching the location I was blown away by how large it was and how many halls it had with a lot of brands and stands. To be honest, you could spend your entire day there simply talking to people from the different brands. Some brands I did not know, so it was awesome that people introduced you to them and you could see and feel some showpieces. 
Unfortunately I could not take pictures everywhere because what you can see is the new upcoming winter collection. 

After spending 4 hours walking through the halls I made my way to the hotel I was staying at.

The first show I was attending was Odeur, so I used the time to get ready for it. Admission to the fashion week tent opens an hour before the show, so I had some time to grab a coffee and enjoy the view of the Brandenburg Gate. 

At my first show I was able to sit front row and that’s why the photos I took were far better than at some of the other shows. 

The Oder show was amazing. I loved the minimalistic, yet impressive pieces. The models walked hand-in-hand down the runway which gave it all a very familiar feeling and a special touch. 

Starting the second day I was thrilled and excited beyond limits.

"Lost and Found", a return to the essentials is Anja Gockel’s motto. Specifically: uncomplicated, easy-care fabrics with exotic prints.
Anja Gockel stands for fair production and flattering cuts. Her lovingly detailed collections emphasise the beauty of their wearers and make it wearable. 

The event Beautysuit at the salon of Udo Walz was one of the most spectacular that I attended during the Berlin fashion week. I was privileged to have my evening makeup done by the very talented makeup artists there. As I am not the best at doing my own makeup and I have pretty much the same routine every day, I really enjoyed having the expert treatment and beautiful makeup for the day ahead.  

I also had the chance to get my hair, manicure and facial done. It goes without saying: Many people visited this event and went away with big smiles!

Isabel Vollrath’s show featured the new Autumn/winter 2016 collection. The show was focused around pieces that combine art and fashion. It contained abstract pieces, extraordinary fabric and textures which really left behind a sense of brand recognition. 

The models wore heavy coats and coat dresses, voluminous jackets, knotted elements and handcrafted tailored showpieces.

The Matthias Maus show was in a completely different location. It was in a club called Felix near the fashion week tent. This was the first sign that it would probably be the most entertaining and spectacular show. It was the presentation of collection A/W 17 with show acts by Liam Scullion & dancers.

The name of the collection is 'the tempest'. It featured very arty and unique pieces. The whole show was an entertaining event. A nice touch was being given roses at the entrance and during the show you were able to throw them down when you saw your favourite piece. 


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