Tuesday, 1 December 2015

throwback on how to style hats

The Second throwback in the how to style series focused on hats. It's not a secret that I love hats in summer or in winter. Hats are a very special accessory to spice up looks and create a perfect eye-catcher. 

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For the winter days I own brown, black and bordeaux hats in a number of various shapes. 

For the first look I decided to go with the dark red hat because the same colour is mirrored in my floral trousers. Matching a same coloured bag and keeping the rest in black is a very solid every day look. 

Same hat, but different outfit is the focus of the second look. Here I went a bit western and combined a checked dress with some booties. The colours of the dress match the bag and the hat. This creates a sleek look with less colour blocking.

Moving on to a very bright coloured hat: my pink passion. Here I chose a floral summer dress which I gave another round in autumn with some booties and a leather jacket. The accessories, bag and hat share the colours of the dress and combined together add up to the perfect look.

Staying in pink, I want to show my throwback of the oversized pink coat and matching hat. The rest of the outfit I kept in black and white. I always like holding things back when I use a bright colour like this for a lot of fabric. 

Moving on to a very special piece; the black hat with some chain details. I wear this hat in winter and summer as you can see from this look. Although it was quite warm I sometimes like to wear hats to make a statement. 

With the next look you can see an example of how I use different fabrics. I combined the leather skirt with some cosy and chunky knit and threw a black hat on top. Staying in black and grey is sometimes a little sad but having this extra fabric mix and match makes it special.

Coming back to the dark red hat and a very bright outfit I chose for the colder days. Here you can see how I only used the colours of one pallet for my accessories and styled my outfit with brighter colours to underline and highlight the dark red. 

Sometimes an outfit can be created completely different but when the hat matches another key element such the shoes it makes the look complete. The human eye likes if top and bottom are identical. 

Therefore I combined olive trousers to an olive coloured shirt and some denim, but threw some dark red shoes and a hat on.

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