Saturday, 28 November 2015

throwback on how to style sneakers

I decided to do a series on how to style sneakers, hats and scarves with my last season’s looks. This is mainly because I only started to write on my blog this summer and I wanted to share my thoughts with you about my looks from last year as part of a throwback series.
The first out of three part throwback series is how to style sneakers. 
I love sneakers and I love them especially in the dry autumn season. In my everyday life of going to uni and catching the train I have to be quick and flexible and therefore some comfy sneakers are a must have – but they also need to be chic! 


I have paired grey and rose sneakers from Nike to my pastel pink leather jacket und grey jeans. Adding some coloured accessories and completes the look. Combining the colours from the sneakers with the same colour tones of my outfit makes the sneakers stand out even more. 

For the second look I focused on the eye catching elements of the sneakers and toned the rest of the look down with olive green jeans and a shirt. The shirt has some colourful stitches which plays well with the sneakers. The sneakers are very sporty and can’t be missed. I chose a rather casual look for them.

This look is a normal every day casual look with some jeans, a stripy top and a vest. Adding a scarf and a reptile effect handbag rounds it off and spices things up. The sneakers I chose for this outfit are dark red Superga sneakers. I have to say that I normally go for Nike but Superga is my one and only true love for sneakers. They are so comfy, sleek and casual, but yet look very chic on the feet.

Moving on to some blue shades, I chose some very sporty sneakers in white and baby blue; and combined them with some loose ripped jeans, a simple white shirt and a jumper in checked blue and pink tones. With this look the sneakers won't stand out as much as with the others but they give the outfit a sporty and casual touch. 

Why not go to work with some chic sneakers on. Well, I have to admit that this outfit, especially the colours make up the business look. A white shirt, some floral trousers and a coral trenchcoat are perfect for the office. Keep the sneakers in the same colour range and it works perfectly. 

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