Sunday, 15 November 2015

how to save up for a designer bag

Everyone knows the feeling of craving for something but not having enough money to get actually buy and own it. Today I am going to share five useful tips to save up and realize your dream.

5 useful tips to save up for a designer bag or any other expensive product

1. Create a wish list
Get a post-it and write down all your products you are craving for and keep it inside your purse. The bank card section works well. :) This wish list will help you to always remember what you are saving up for when you might actually already be approaching at the counter buying something else. Try to avoid spontaneous shopping trips and always ask yourself if you really need this.

2. The savings account/box
Set up an extra savings account at your bank and always transfer a certain amount each month. This will help you save up easily because you won't even realize that it got transferred automatically. Or take a piggy bank and throw in loose coins or small change. However, I would only recommend the piggy bank option to the very self-disciplined!

3. Hidden costs during the days
Try to minimize your costs during the day. If the weather is good try to use your bike instead of the car or try to take a packed lunch with you instead of eating out for lunch every day. Also compare the prices of your phone contract or your gym contract. Sometimes there are cheaper options which offer the same level of service or quality. The price difference can go directly into your savings.

4. Clean out your wardrobe
With this point I am probably not a very good example, but try cleaning out your wardrobe. I am sure you own some pieces you don't wear anymore but other people would love it. There are a number of flea markets such as M├Ądchenflohmarkt in Frankfurt and Internet based platforms to sell and buy second hand such as Kleiderkreisel. What you might not want to wear anymore was the exact thing someone else was looking for. It has two positive effects: you make someone happy and you earn money for it.

5. Visit second hand and vintage shops
If your designer bag is a classic one such as some models of Louis Vuitton or Chanel you can find a number of them at secondhand shops or vintage stores. The price will be about 40-50 % less but still for very good quality. In terms of quality you have to be careful and only do business with serious sellers. Ask for a certificate or the originality of the bag. Personally I bought a number of my bags at vintage stores and I have to say it is a fantastic option. I pay so much less and get a good bag which I was craving for ages. I can recommend the online store Vestiaire Collective. They sell bags themselves and also feature bags from private sellers. But the main benefit is that they check the originality of all bags.

I hope I could give you five good tips to save up for your favorite product and would love to hear from you if you use my tips, or have others for me!


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