Wednesday, 11 November 2015

glamour café frankfurt

Last week Jaqueline from Heart of Holly and I went to the Glamour Café by Glamour Magazine. Glamour realized this café with the concept Eat. Shop. Enjoy for the first time, and we were very lucky to be invited.

We visited this amazing venue twice. The first time we went there to attend the GHD hair workshop. But we knew to come an hour early to check out the location and all the brands that are part of the Glamour Café. 

To kick of the evening we had lunch in the café, which was a very synergetic venue. This place has so much charm and many fine details. It was designed and decorated by It is a location that makes you feel immediately welcome and it’s very cozy, which is perfect for a girly lunch and chat. When booking a workshop, you got a free €15 voucher for the café and could choose from the Glamour menu. The menu was well thought out with lots of choice. I went for the big salad and a juice drink. With satisfied stomachs we headed over to the showroom to explore the different brands before the workshop began. 

What I personally was most excited for was the new collection from Karl Lagerfeld. I do not have to say how gorgeous the pieces are that he creates. I took some snaps and fell in love this one very special clutch, which I am still dreaming of. 

There were other brands on display such as True Religion, Patrizia Pepe, Woolrich and Thomas Sabo. All of them had a little corner to show off their new and iconic pieces. It was nice to see these bands but it wasn’t that exciting.

Although I am not so crazy about make-up I loved the Shiseido corner with all of their products and it was a shame that I didn’t have time to attend their workshop. 

Moving on to the GHD hair workshop, we felt very lucky to join in and have a seat with the most amazing hairstyling tools in front of us. We were given an introduction to the different tools and the different techniques by the amazing GHD Team and were able to use every single one on our hair afterwards. They showed us what would fit to our hair structure and length and gave us useful tips on how to style it. Personally I fell in love with the new GHD Platinum Styler, which is three products in one, and is really worth the purchase. After having our hair curled, which we both went for, our hair felt beautifully soft and not damaged like it would normally if we used heat to style it. 

Thank you for the snaps! Credit: Stefan G. König / Schachzug for Glamour

On our second visit to the Glamour Café we very lucky to meet the Chief Editor Andrea Ketterer and the Beauty Director Stephanie Neureuter in this cozy venue. Both were very lovely and told us a lot about how Glamour Magazine works and how they deal with different issues. After the discussion we had time to ask our questions. Between delicious snacks and tea we got a lot of very useful information and background knowledge from two very inspiring woman.

Credit: Stefan G. König / Schachzug for Glamour

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