Tuesday, 3 November 2015

dancing at two events

Glamour Pink Carpet event
I saw the event published in the newest edition of the Glamour Magazine and immediately applied for it. I was selected to be on the guest list and was allowed to bring a plus 1; it was all very exciting.
The highlight of the show was the new Görtz shoe collection and we were able to get 20 % off our favorite pair.
We had the chance to get an exclusive Styling consultation from Wanda Limar and visit the Wonderstripes beauty station.
The day finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to meet some new best friends (the shoes I mean!).
Well I do not have to say anything else other than that Görtz shoes are always good with nice styles and a good choice of variety.
But I have to say the event itself was a little disappointing....when I got there, I hung up my coat and got a drink and strolled tough aisles of shoe racks... The event took a little time to start and it went on for ages. There were lots of breaks in between, where you didn’t quite know what to do, as the wonderstripes station only took up 10 minutes of the visit.
It would definitely work better if there were more brands presenting their products and less breaks in between the shows.
All in all it was a good visit with a lot of new shoe styles to inspire, but the event didn’t offer many goodies or highlights.


Tezenis Rita Ora campaign launch
On the same day and funnily enough at the same time, Rita Ora launched her new campaign with Tezenis at the Tezenis store in Frankfurt.
Lots of people were waiting for her to arrive and for the doors to open. While waiting I met up with some of the beautiful and lovely girls from the Frankfurt blogger crew Jacqueline, Jule, Monika, Karla Deliah.
When Rita Ora finally came everyone was screaming and excited to see her. After a little thank you speech we went inside and enjoyed an intimate private concert. I have never heard her sing live but I can say I was very impressed. She actually sounds live very good!! She wore the new collection and looked amazing with her special braided hairstyle.
After enjoying some drinks and snacks I left the event with a lot of good memories and some new blogger friends. 

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