Greece is the land of white and blue, so during my time in Mykonos, I decided to create a series of outfits which honour these iconic colours.
This white and blue dress has a nautical touch and belongs near the ocean. The dress has simple lines but the bow that ties at the front adds an elegant touch. Perfect for an evening dinner by the sea or just a walk through the town. The light blue silk shirt compliments the dress perfectly and looks graceful as it’s blown around by the sea breeze.
This purple, blue and white floral dress is just perfect for Mykonos, as trees with purple blossom can be found on every corner. Mykonos is a town full of history and colour, and the dress looks at home against this wall of traditional Greek paintings. Such a dress might be too flamboyant for Frankfurt or London during the day, but it was ideal for the romantic scenes of Mykonos. 


  1. Great pics, I love the striped dress :-* www.giveawaysecrets.blogspot.de


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