During our week on Mykonos we had the chance to try restaurants all over the island, some were fantastic and some not so. This post gives you an insight into our experiences looking at the location, atmosphere, cuisine, service and finally awarding an overall score from 10 possible points to each restaurant. Happy reading and happy eating! 

Aperanto Galazio is one of around 7 or 8 beach front restaurants in Ornos Bay. Located right on the beach, it is a popular choice for beach go-ers and also offers service to sun loungers. The restaurant itself is split into 2 sections, one is an inside section and the other is a beach terrace directly on the sand, just a few meters away from the water. The restaurant matches its surroundings with a modern chaby-chic beach look. They have used lots of white and light colours and you really feel like you're on the beach, even when sat inside. The cuisine can be described as new age Greek with a mix of traditional and fusion dishes. The menu is concise and limited to a handful of starters, mains, salads and desserts. We ordered moussaka and a Caesar salad. The moussaka was delicious, however it could be described as a little bland when compared with the more traditional versions of the dish. The Caesar salad was fresh with a good Parmesan cheese and a delicious dressing. The portion sizes were sufficient and the moussaka came with a salad garnish. The service was very good and you could see the staff were there to look after the customers. We were given a free choice of where to sit and they had made an effort to split the child and adult area somewhat. Overall the restaurant met our expectations: the food was good and the prices were very reasonable. The new age cuisine was something a bit different, although we would usually choose more traditional food. Based on the location, atmosphere, cuisine and service we award this place 7/10 and recommend it for a beach lunch. 

La Casa is a modern tavern located in the heart of Mykonos town. The restaurant sits on one of the 2 main alleys that span from the top of the town down to the harbour. As with most restaurants in the town, a waiter was standing in front to entice people inside. 
The decor is traditional with a modern touch and you can partially see the kitchen at the back of the restaurant. On the tables you will find a good olive oil and an extremely good balsamico. The menu is varied but concise.
We started with a halloumi cheese served with fresh bread and a bowl of finely cut Mediterranean vegetables. The cheese was aromatic, flavoursome and not chewy as halloumi can sometimes be. 
For the main we ordered the traditional Greek moussaka and pork souvlaki served on the skewer with part roasted/part fried potatoes. The moussaka had more of a cinnamon flavour than those we had tried before, however it wasn't overwhelming. The aubergine was cooked to point and the cheese was browned to a crisp. The pork souvlaki was tender but not remarkable from the flavour. The potatoes were well cooked, but weren't fantastic. 
The service was good and the waiters were attentive. The most remarkable thing was that whenever we walked past the restaurant in the 5 days following our meal there, the waiter greeted us and wished us a good day. Clearly he has a memory for people!
All in all we had a good meal for a very responsible price (especially considering this restaurant is located in the heart of the town). Overall we would give this place 6/10. 

Looking for a light dessert or just a sweet snack to keep you going in the midday heat? In Greece it has to be frozen Greek yoghurt! Yoghurt Berry is located opposite La Casa In the heart of Mykonos town with a few locations on the island. 
The styling is young and fresh and the target audience is teenagers and 20-somethings. The system is completely self service, from yoghurt to toppings and sauce. 
Let's start with the yoghurt. In addition to the regular Greek yoghurt, they offer a variety of flavours including chocolate, cookie and strawberry. Derya took plain and I went for chocolate. The chocolate yoghurt was surprisingly good and maintained the original Greek yoghurt flavour.
Next comes the toppings. There must have been at least 20 different toppings on offer, including chocolate, fruit and sweets. I went for smarties (you can see I like chocolate!) and topped it off with a cherry sauce. There were plenty of sauces to choose from. 
The price is calculated by the weight, so you have to be a bit careful here. We both had medium sized tubs and together we payed 9€ which I think was reasonable for what we had. 
Overall I would give this place 8/10 for what they do. However there is not a great deal to go wrong considering the simplicity of the product. We would definitely recommend this place! 

Lefertis is one of a handful of restaurants in Ornos Bay and is in the heart of the area. The restaurant has a more traditional look and is cosy. However, seating is only available outside. First impressions are good and there always seems to be quite a number of people eating here. 
The restaurant serves traditional Greek cuisine and seafood, and also offers takeaway. The menu is rich in choice and there are a large number of dishes to choose from. 
We ordered a salad, seafood platter and roast potatoes and frankly speaking, all dishes were terrible. The shrimp and calamari platter was poorly presented and lacked flavour. They had also piled the plate up with fries, which wasn't listed anywhere on the menu. The fish was very dry and lacked any kind of seasoning. The roast potatoes were not roasted whatsoever, but boiled, and actually over boiled. They had a starchy taste and had been drenched in olive oil, presumably in an attempt to make them edible. The salad was acceptable, but didn't have any dressing and was very dry, as if it had been prepared hours before. 
The service was ok, but nothing remarkable. The waiters appeared to spend most of the time standing around and chatting to each other. 
All in all this was a disappointing experience which, it has to be said, spoilt the evening for us. However, as we have only eaten there once, we don't have sufficient experience to judge properly. Therefore we give this place 3/10 and would advise people visiting or staying in Ornos to try one of the other restaurants in the area. 

Fisherman is a restaurant located in the small central town of Ano Mera which is up in the hills of Mykonos. We made a day trip to Ano Mera which is famed for its history and the very old monastery located there. The town is very small but there is a lot going on at the main square, and around 9 taverna competing for business. All the restaurants are traditional Greek taverns serving tradition dishes. 
We chose the eat at Fisherman because there were already a lot of people sitting at tables and they had a really good offer which sealed the deal for us: Greek salad, moussaka, gyros and desert for 2 people for only 18€. It was too good to miss! When we sat at our table we were glad to hear other customers commenting on how good the food was, needless to say we were excited to get started! 
The restaurant had a traditional taverna look, and maybe could have done with some interior decoration improvements, but we felt comfortable and happy. We cannot comment on the menu, as we ordered the set meal for 2, but if the other dishes are as good as the ones we had, then we can safely say the food is very good. 
Starting with the salad, it was the perfect combination of ingredients with a delicious feta cheese, leaves, tomatoes, onions and some very tasty mustard seeds. The mustard seeds added a really fresh flavour and rounded the salad off very well. The feta was also perfect and the taste wasn't too strong, as with some fetas. The gyros arrived next, served with fried potatoes. The meat was cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender inside with great flavour. The moussaka was also very good and the taste and freshness of the aubergine made this one of the best moussaka dishes we tried. To round off the meal we were given a light dessert which consisted of a meringue cream topped with an orange compote. The dessert was surprisingly tasty and a great way to end a great meal. 
The service was good and we were well looked after, however after a big party of tourists arrived around 30 minutes after us, it seemed like the service was struggling somewhat, luckily we weren't really affected. 
We can recommend a visit to Ano Mera, and Fisherman is the perfect place to enjoy lunch there. The prices are very good and the food exceeded our expectations. Fisherman gets a score of 8.5/10 from us. 

Souvlaki Story is one of a few restaurants in Mykonos which have given a modern and funky flair to a traditional Greek dish, souvlaki (I will be reviewing another restaurant, Pepper, later in the series). 
Souvlaki Story is located at one of the main crossroads in Mykonos town and surely benefits from the traffic of tourists passing by - the tables in front of the restaurant are always full. 
The restaurant has a fresh look which they have created with quite strong branding and a funky wooden natural look inside the restaurant. It is essentially a fast food system, therefore I won't go into detail on the service, however the staff were professional, friendly and helpful. 
The menu is basic but with enough choice to satisfy most tastebuds. Highlights of the menu are the souvlaki or gyros portion served with fries, salad and pita bread; and the gyros pita, which as most of you will know, is pork or chicken in a fresh baked pita wrap with salad and a few fries (all inside the wrap). 
We went for the gyros portion and for the gyros wrap. We topped it off with a spicy sauce which worked well with the meat. The food arrived and was presented in a very fresh and qwerty way. The gyros wrap, which is long in shape, was served in a deep shovel and the portion was well presented on a transparent plastic tray. The quality of the meat was very good and the fries were cooked to perfection. As the Greek don't eat spicy and I do, the spicy sauce added a great finish! 
The price was on part with similar restaurants and the portion size was good. Overall we rate Souvlaki Story with 8/10 points and would recommend it for lunch or a hassle free dinner. 

PEPPERPepper, like Souvlaki Story, offers a modern take on the traditional Greek dish, souvlaki. Located on one of the main small alleyways running through Mykonos town that leads to the harbour, the restaurant it well located to pick up passers-by. What catches your eye about this place is the branding. They have done a very good job to develop a strong brand which embodies quality and freshness. When you walk inside the restaurant this trend continues and you are met with a very clean and bright environment. The restaurant is quite small inside, but there is seating for around 20 people plus additional seating outside. The menu is a simple 2 sided card and they have really limited the choice to their focus dishes: Souvlaki, gyros and burgers. There is something on the menu for everyone, but don't expect anything too exotic. There is a waiter to take orders and serve your meal, however Pepper follows more of a fast-food concept. The staff always have smiles on their faces and are friendly and welcoming. We both ordered the chicken Souvlaki which was served with fries and a salad, as well as the obligatory pitta bread. The meat was cooked very well, but could have been seasoned better. The fries were well cooked and seasoned and the pitta bread was fresh and tasty. The salad topped off the dish nicely. Presentation wise, the dish was well thought out with the meat skewers were presented in the centre of the dish. We liked this place because of the look and feel and we initially went there because of the good rating on tripadvisor. We have to take our hats off to the guys there because they have done a really good job to deliver excellent food with a unique touch. We give this place 9/10! 

Apaggio, located on the fringe of Ornos Bay serves traditional Greek cuisine with a focus on seafood. The restaurant is authentic with a light and modern touch. You instantly feel welcomed when you walk in, not only because of the atmosphere, but also because of the fantastic staff, especially the owner, a tall warm-hearted Greek man. 
The location also needs to be mentioned, right on the harbour overlooking Ornos bay. It's idyllic and fits perfectly to the environment they have created inside the restaurant. 
We ordered a simple chicken saffron risotto and angus beef steak served with a fresh fried potato slices and a tomato and onion salad on pita bread. It's safe to say this was our favourite meal from our time on the island and it was actually out last. The beef was tender and moist and the sautéed potatoes were fresh and crispy, and perfectly seasoned. The chicken saffron risotto was tender and flavoursome, whilst being hearty and filling. 
The service was quick and attentive, although low staffed, probably due to the fact that the season was about over. 
Following our main we shared the chocolate fantasy desert. A fresh sticky chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. It was the perfect dessert to top it all off and a must for chocolate lovers. 
To sum it up, if you're looking for good food in a relaxing and fresh environment and are prepared to pay a little bit more, this place is certainly worth a visit! Overall we would give this place 9/10. 

We were lucky enough to discover the famed cappuccino/espresso freddo during our time in Greece and want to share this fantastic summer refreshment with you. Freddos can be bought at all cafes and most restaurants. Essentially it's an iced coffee served with condensed milk frothed to a light foam. The espresso or cappuccino is made fresh and hot and is instantly cooled by being poured over ice. The sugar is added and mixed with the coffee and poured into a glass loaded with ice. The milk foam is finally added and floats on top.
Cappuccino freddo is the perfect summer pick up and we will definitely be trying this at home. 

Thanks to my lovely husband for sharing his passion for food on Ocean Waves.


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