Like most people who visit Mykonos, the idyllic beaches were one of the main attractions to visit the Island. We spent time on 4 of the main beaches which all have their advantages and disadvantages which we would like to share with you. 

Ornos beach at daytime

Ornos beach at the evening

Our hotel was located in Ornos and we were overlooking the beach from our room. Ornos Beach offers a mix of sand, bars, restaurants and sun loungers, however the space is quite limited for those of us who just want to lay their towels down on the sand, of course this depends on the time of year that you go. Ornos is connected by bus and sea taxi and is very accessible. Swimming is good and you can see a lot of fish if you wear a mask. There are no water sports here, which in our opinion is only a good thing if you want to relax. Ornos is only a short 10 minute bus ride from Mykonos town. 

Ride with the watertaxi

Paradise beach

Super Paradise beach

Super Paradise beach
Super Paradise beach is located on the south of the island between Paradise beach and Elia. It really is a paradise and the view out to the bay is breathtaking. Super Paradise is enclosed and protected, meaning the wind and water currents aren't an issue here. There is also plenty of space to lay your towel down if you don't want to pay 9€ for a lounger. As you walk into the sea there is a lot of rock and it's easy to slip, so you have to be careful. There is a self service restaurant and a bar on one side of the beach with adequate space to sit and relax in the shade. There were also guys offering massages to sunbathers. Super paradise is accessible by bus and sea taxi, but is a longer way from Mykonos town (around 30 minutes). 

Platis Gialos beach
Platis Gialos is located just down the coast from Ornos and lies directly south of Mykonos Airport. It's a popular holiday destination with many hotels and apartments in the area. Platis Gialos was the busiest area outside of Mykonos town that we encountered on the island. The beach is quite narrow and lined with 10-15 restaurants and supermarket. There is no space to lay your towel down as the entire beach is crammed with sun loungers. The islands sea taxi service is based here, and we only ended up stopping here as we needed to wait for a connection from Super Paradise back to Ornos. Platis Gialos is popular for water sports and you will see people on jet skis, jet boots and stand-up paddle boards. We wouldn't say it's necessary to take a day trip here, as there are already enough holiday makers around who are staying in the area, but it's worth considering if you are looking for a slightly cheaper area to stay on the island. 

Elia beach
Elia is the furthest beach from Mykonos town and is on the south east peak of the island. We travelled by sea taxi from Ornos which took around 1 hour. Elia is a beautiful natural beach and is by far the biggest we visited. Is it also a popular location for water sports such as jet skiing and jet boots. It's a really nice place to swim, but you have to be careful of the current as Elia is not situated in a bay. We made some really good videos of the fish swimming along the reef with our GoPro. The downside to Elia is the facilities, there are only 2 restaurants and they seemed overpriced. Otherwise it's a beautiful beach to spend the day but is somewhat isolated. 

Ornos Habour


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