I love going out for dinner, especially for a good burger! Being in love with burgers, I wanted to share my top 5 Burger restaurants in Frankfurt. A few of these places are quite new and others have been around for a while and have their regular customers. All of the restaurants and burgers featured have an amazing taste for me. I say especially for me because everyone has their own taste, likes and dislikes. The places listed are well visited and seem to attract a lot of people. The price range is from budget to gourmet and the locations range from restaurant to fast-food diner. 


1.       Starting off with Jamy’s Burger which you can find at the Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 1, 60314 Frankfurt am Main near to the European Central Bank is definitely worth a visit and a real new hotspot.
The philosophy made up of 3 key factors: freshness, no additives and the location itself. They are set on fresh products and tasty quality veg and meat. This is not only a marketing campaign, it’s the reality which you will see when your burger is served and you have your first bite. It really makes you feel you had a delicious and healthy dinner instead of fast-food.  They also promise not to add any additives, I obviously can’t prove this, but again it seems all very freshly made and with no artificial colouring or anything else suspicious.
The location itself is a very cool one. It is very central and during the week you can see business people having their lunch. In the evenings and weekends more families and young people eat there. The place is kept very warm and clean. It is styled with authentic and rustic wood panelling and a panorama window front. Moreover, they have an open kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing your meal. This makes me feel even more confident eating there. On sunny days you can also sit outside on the terrace in front of the restaurant and look towards the river, which afterwards is very good setting for a walk.
Specifically talking about the menu, you can choose between a beef, chicken or veggie burger and there’s a number of extras to choose from. The menu is quite manageable and is printed on the wall, so you have all the choices in front of you. I had a chicken burger, which was by far one of my favourites. The meat was crispy on the outside and so soft but also juicy on the inside. This is how I love it and that’s why I would always go back. Moreover, I love sweet potato fries. They have to be very crispy and well salted and seasoned. I was so super excited when I saw you can get them as well as the normal fries. They are getting more and more common in Frankfurt and you see them being served in many restaurants, which didn’t used to be the case.
Another highlight of my meal was the drink. Normally I always get coke because I think it goes well with a burger. But this time I saw everyone else had a plastic bag filled with liquid and a straw in front of them. So I had to get this as well. I picked the lime-mint homemade lemonade, which was very tasty. I love if lemonade has a bitter taste.
All in all, my meal cost around 13.00 €, which I would definitely spend again for the amazing taste and quality. 


 Moving on to the Bahnhofsviertel and two burger restaurants around the same area, Kaiserstraße 60329 Frankfurt am Main, but with some distance between them. The first one is called Der Fette Bulle and is closer to Frankfurt Main Train Station. When I visited the restaurant it was very hot weather, so we sat outside under the parasol, but I would definitely recommend to have a look inside. The interior design is amazing and very special. It is a real eye-catcher and a very nice atmosphere to have dinner.
The menu has a good layout with plenty of choices, but it doesn’t take long to pick because all information is provided and it is easy to find your own taste. I picked a chicken burger, called ‘Der Napolitaner’ which is made with Pesto. Normally I choose a basic run of the mill burger, but this time I went for an exotic option because the menu includes a lot of taste varieties and I felt like trying something new. I have to say it was a very delicious burger. The meat was crispy but also soft on the inside and together with the pesto it tasted absolutely amazing. Moreover, I had sweet potato fries, which where the best option I could have got from the sides. They had a lot of flavour and are super crispy. A coke or homemade lemonade rounds the dinner up and adds a refreshing touch. After having this dinner, I felt satisfied but not guilty or too blown up.  I think it is because of the use of fresh products and healthy ingredients. This meal costed around 13,00 € and was definitely worth it!

The other Burger joint in the same area couldn’t be more different. This place on Münchnerstr. 60329 Frankfurt am Main is called Fletcher’s Better Burger.
The interior is very well designed and also quite individual. It always reminds me of an underground station with the metal seating, the long space with its flowing walls, and the bright lights above. There is also a hand washing station, because it could get a little messy eating this burger. What I personally find great is that there is a sauce station, where you can choose which sauce you want, and how much you want.  
The menu is simple and focused on the core offering – burgers!
Fletchers promise fresh cooking, fresh products and no additives. They say they only season the meat with salt and pepper to keep the original fresh and delicious taste and they melt the special Irish cheddar cheese on the meat so it gets a satisfying juicy flavour. In addition, the burger buns are made freshly every day by hand.
Reading about this and seeing pictures on social media made me a bit sceptical because the burger just looked so huge and fatty, so I found hard to believe the burger would be delicious. I didn’t want to judge straight away, but rather go and try this fairly new place that everyone is talking about for myself.
And I have to say I was so so impressed!! Although the meat paddy is thick, which I usually don’t like, it is extremely tasty and I really could not get enough of it. The burger bun is very special and you can really taste it is handmade using a special recipe. The bun is toasted using a bun toaster to seal it and make sure it doesn’t get soggy from the sauce. The fries are chunky but still crispy and very tasty. You can taste they are made using fresh potatoes. The salad on the burger is fresh and crispy and there are a choice of extra toppings to choose from. All in all, my meal cost 10.00 €, which is a super price for the amazing taste and quality.

 Moving over to another special burger place at the Eschersheimer Anlage opposite a big cinema, there is a kiosk called Super Burger.
Well, as you can guess this isn’t a sophisticated or luxury restaurant. It is a simple quick but clean diner where you can sit inside on high bar chairs and tables or you can sit outside with the view to the cinema. Often you can see people who stop by and get something to takeaway or you see one of the staff heading out on the delivery bike.  This place is well visited and very well known, mainly because it’s been there for a very long time.  
When I am there I always get a simple cheeseburger with fries and a coke. This is one of the meal deals they offer and costs around 6.30 €. The burger is made behind the counter and you can watch the cook prepare it. The fries are thin and crispy and perfectly fried, a bit fatty but not too much. As you can see from the pictures it looks more like the American fast-food burgers and I have to admit it tastes like one. After eating everything you feel very full and you know you have sinned! But I have to say it is worth every bite. I don’t go often there to eat, simply because of this reason, but sometimes you have to treat yourself and then it’s worth a visit, especially because it’s so close to town and after a shopping marathon you’ve burnt off the calories anyway J

Last but not least I want to talk about the place called Die Kuh, die lacht. This place is a chain and there are a few in Frankfurt, but my first experience was in Heidelberg and I guess it will be the last (for a while at least). I don’t know if I will ever try the one in Frankfurt because I was a little disappointed with this place. Although the interior is very cute and well designed and you feel very cosy being there, the burger just isn’t as good as any of the others reviewed. The meat is thick and gets cold very quickly and lacks any taste. The bun isn’t anything special and unfortunately the fries aren’t either. All in all, very standard and lacks any kind of wow effect. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitively a good place to eat but in comparison with the other 4 it rates the lowest; and therefore, I would always rather go to one of the others places.  


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