Little Venice is a charming part of Mykonos town. As you get off the bus at the main station, you make your way along a side street which is dotted with a few shops, cafés and restaurants. As you turn a slight corner, ahead you can already see the rear side of the famous windmills and beyond them the deep blue ocean.
The windmills greet you to Little Venice and are a spectacular sight. Today, the windmills are still, but it isn’t difficult to picture them turning briskly in the well-known Mykonos winds. The windmills are large in size, but look very delicate and quaint. As I turned around, with my back to the windmills, I was breath taken by the beautiful blue waves which were heading towards the shore of Little Venice.
Little Venice is a small but charming area which as the name suggests, is similar to the Italian city of Venice. The shoreline is full with cafés and restaurants, one after the other. As you walk down from the windmills, ahead of you is a stone wall and a small pebble beach. This is the point where the locals and tourists gather every evening to share in the sight of the sundown which, I can say from my own experience, is truly spectacular. The sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks adds to the spirit of it all.
From this point, you can walk along the shore of Little Venice and pass all the restaurant seating which in some place is very close to the water. On a windy day with rough seas you even see the waves breaking the wall, so you have to watch your step and make sure you choose your table carefully.
Little Venice is traditionally a place for romance, and what a romantic place it is. You can enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee with your love and enjoy the sunset in this idyllic setting. I chose the perfect dress to match the setting with its colourful houses in traditional Greek tones. The combination of the blue belt and white bag is a fantastic finishing touch and this outfit will always remind me of our wonderful day in Little Venice. 


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