Mykonos town is a mix of history, culture, glamour, good food and of course, the colours white and blue. As you reach the town for the first time, it is difficult to get a feeling for how big it is and in which direction it goes. This isn’t surprising as you often can’t see 10m ahead of you and this is because all of the streets in Mykonos town are small alleyways, most no wider that 1-2m which weave through the houses and eventually come out at the harbour.
It’s not difficult to take a wrong turn and end up in a residential area, but this isn’t a problem as you soon find your way back to the beaten path. Along the sides of the streets you are met by front doors to shops and houses, as well as staircases which lead to the upper levels. Everything is white, with the exception of doors, windows and stairs. The ground has and interesting pattern of circles which are also surrounded by white. What’s interesting is that the white is actually painted on, but when you think about it, how else should they achieve this!
Mykonos town has something for everyone and is really a hive of activity. On every street and on every corner you will find traditional taverns next to modern cafés which add a different vibe to the whole place. Even the shops look cute, with their handmade wooden signs and a few plants climbing the outside walls. In a few places you will find trees, which seem to be growing out of the wall with their beautiful purple blossom.
In these alleyways you are very sheltered, but as you get closer to the ocean, you feel the rush of the wind again. When you get to Mykonos Harbour, you realise where you are and can choose which alley to explore next. The harbour itself is also beautiful, with a traditional fish market which is built from marble. In the harbour you also see boats, both tradition fishing boats and modern speed ferries which are destined to travel to the Islands surrounding Mykonos.
As I said, Mykonos is a glamorous town, so I wanted to wear something glamorous but with a twist, a Hellenic touch! This blue and white dress with a print that features elegant patterns that are reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture was just perfect for the location. The white bag added some simplicity to the outfit and the blue heals brought a splash of colour to the whole look.

Later in the week it got warmer so I opted for a more sporty, although completely elegant combination of patterned shorts and a flowing white embroided top. I matched simple brown flats to this outfit and by the end of the week these flats were falling apart because we had walked so far exploring this beautiful corner of the world. 





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