10 useful facts for anyone visiting Athens. 

When visiting a city or country for the first time it can be useful to have some insider tips. The 10 facts below are from our own experience and we hope you find them useful too. 

1. Looking at the map you might think you need hours to travel between the tourist attractions of Athens, but in reality most of them are a stones throw away from each other. The Acropolis and surrounding sites can be seen in an afternoon. 

2. The Plaka is a famed part of the city especially for tourists, however be careful not to miss the Plaka as its tucked sea at the food of the hill to the Parthenon and to the south east of the city centre. 

3. The metro connection to and from the airport is ideal for most travellers and costs just 8€ per person, with every extra person you get a discount (2 people costs 14€). 

4.  Many of the hotels located right next to the main attractions are significantly more expensive than those just a short 10 or 15 minute walk away. Do your research and check out booking.com

5. The Acropolis ticket which grants the holder access to 10 different attractions in the city costs 12€ for adults and is well worth it. However it's useful to know that on weekends entry is free to all sites listed on the ticket. More information can be found here: http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/3/eh355.jsp?obj_id=2384 

6. The sunset over Athens shouldn't be missed! Head up to the entrance of the Acropolis and you will find a rock overlooking the city where many people go to watch the sun go down. It is truly spectacular. 

7. Athens is statistically one of the lowest ranking capital cities when it comes to violent crime.

8. Before hosting the 2004 Olympic Games, all of the street signs of Athens had to be changed to include a Latin spelling under the Greek.

9. The Athens metro currently has twenty-eight stations, all of which exhibit artwork by contemporary Greek artists. Six display archaeological treasures uncovered during the metro's construction.

10. Every full moon in August, the Acropolis stays open until 2am with live music and theatrical performances; it is free to all.


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