A few weeks ago I had a little interview with the Frankurter Magazin for the column "Faces of the City". You can find the english version below and here you can read the german version: 

Faces of the City: The Fashion Blogger

In our series, ‘Faces of the City’, we introduce people who live and work in Frankfurt and shape the face of the city.
For some it’s a hobby, for others a job. Sometimes it begins as a hobby and becomes a job: Fashion blogging. We spoke with Frankfurt resident fashion blogger "Ocean Waves" (22).

Frankfurt Magazine: How did you come up with the idea of starting a fashion blog?
Ocean Waves: I have been following fashion blogs myself for a long time and also have a very full closet. When I began my career, a colleague who works as a product designer repeatedly told me she liked my outfits. After mentioning the idea several times, she eventually persuaded me to start blogging.

FM: How did you put your blog together?
Ocean Waves:  My fashion blog revolves around my own looks, my own styles and how I combine my outfits. You may see one piece more than once on my blog, and that’s to show you can create different combinations and styles. I post whenever I have time and when I find my outfits inspiring.

FM: Who is your photographer?
Ocean Waves: My fiancé is my photographer, he has supported me a lot with the blog. We find it fun to explore Frankfurt and find new places to shoot!

FM: Does your blog have a commercial aspect?
Ocean Waves: No, I don’t see blogging as a source of income, but rather as a way to live out my creativity.

FM: Is your blog just a platform for your creativity, or do you want to inspire other people to dress better because you see so many poorly dressed people in Frankfurt?
Ocean Waves: People can dress however they feel comfortable. But I don’t just do it for me. I want to show people that they can combine a white t-shirt to create 3 different looks for 3 different occasions without spending much money at all. I like to inspire people in that way.

FM: You were born in Frankfurt and lived here for 22 years. Is Frankfurt a city of fashion like Paris or Berlin?
Ocean Waves: No, not really. I think this is because Frankfurt is a business center and many dress accordingly in formal attire from Monday to Friday. However, if you’re in the right place, you’ll see this changes slightly on the weekends. If you walk through the city in an outfit that’s a bit extravagant or flamboyant, you often attract the attention of others and can see that people aren’t used to anything that’s too out of the ordinary. However, in Berlin, Paris, London or New York people cultivate their own individual styles and being different is considered a positive attribute.

FM: What do you think of budget clothes chains like Primark which promote a disposable culture of wear once and throw away?
Ocean Waves: The problem is that it’s not only Primark or H&M that produce garments in factories where the conditions for workers are unfair, top end brands are also guilty of this. If you really want to avoid these conditions, the only choice is to buy Fair Trade and do so consistently.

FM: If a brand approached you tomorrow and wanted to sponsor your blog, would that be an option for you?
Ocean Waves: Yes of course, however it would be important that the brand and style fit with my look and personality.

FM: You blog is present on a number of platforms (see below), however you don’t have your own domain. Is that in the pipeline?
Ocean Waves: Yes, as my blog picks up more visitors and becomes more popular, I am considering moving to my own domain.

FM: Is the audience of your blog only female, or do you also have some male fans?
Ocean Waves: As far as I can tell, its mostly women visitors and only women have commented on my posts.

FM: Last question: What’s your fashion tip for this summer?
Ocean Waves: Dresses are big this summer, especially off-shoulder dresses. Lace up roman sandals are also a must-have this season.

FM:  Thank you for the interview.

Photography: Heiner Hänsel


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